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Good Things Are Coming Soon


Pisspass.com Will Soon Be Live

Come back soon and see what we have to offer. Our mission is to provide anyone who is faced with incriminating piss tests a way to easily beat the system. For the small amount of a $1.99 you can pass your next piss test with ease even if you have been smoking pot. 51% of your contribution will go directly to The Ronald McDonald House Charity For Kids. This is a 100% sure fire result that costs pennies. Prison tested and convict approved.

In The Meantime Donate To The R McD House

Click On The Contribute Link In The Left Navigational Section.

Until Pisspass.com is up and running, The Ronald McDonald House Charity For Kids
would definitely appreciate any donations they can get to help the children who need it most.

                                                        RMcDH Contribution